Jila Saline

Jila Saline

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Jila Saline - how I loved creating this buntal trim head piece.

Inspired by my Far Western NSW road trip with great friend and artist, Em, - literally out to the back of Bourke, to “Salt Lake” Station where once upon a time I was a governess.

The artist and the milliner were lost for words (doesn’t happen often) by the sheer amount of water and wild flowers covering the usually barren land.

I was a 19 year old when I was a governess at Salt Lake. The kid’s dad would climb the windmill daily and tell us “big rain coming bunge”, which it never did, because we were always in drought.

To now see this country so filled with colourful bloom was spectacular, - inspiration as far as the eye could see and the inspiration for Jila Saline.