Hats by Felicity - Mandala

Hats by Felicity - Mandala

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Mandala represents the "Wild Wheel" of life that we live.  With her circular placement of feathers reflecting the universe and 'wholeness of the self,' Mandala is both visually appealing and said to lead to a higher awareness.  I created her at at time when so many near to me are on a wild ride - life is spinning.  Mandala slows us down and allows us to take a more conscious approach to what's going on around us.  She helps us think things through and set an appealing intention to deal with the situation at hand. 

Mandala's stunning hand collected feathers have been sent from around Australia and include the macaw, guinea fowl, peacock, chook, duck, kookaburra, and owl.

Constructed on a sinamay cocktail base, she positions lightly and effortlessly on the forehead and is held in position by a hat elastic.  

And of course, she's a Broome baby so nestled amongst the tiny peacock feathers is a south sea Keshi pearl.